From the Kitchen of Nancy Wilkins 
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Recipe Converter

To determine quantities when converting a family size recipe to a crowd size recipe use the converter below.

Enter the number of servings the original recipe yeilds:
Enter the number of servings you will need for your crowd:
Then click outside the box.
This is the number you use to multiply the quanities when converting:
For conveience sake, round the number up to the next whole number.

An example would be if your original, family size recipe, called for 3 cups of flour.This recipe orginally serves 4 people. But you want to change it to serve 100 people. Enter the number 4 into the first box, then enter 100 in the second box. Click outside of the box. The number in the third box should then be 25. You would multiply the three cups of flour times 25 to get the amount of flour needed for 100 servings.

To convert teaspoons to tablespoons, cups to pints, or quarts use this conversion table.

Enter the amount in the first field then click outside of the field to get the results.

Teaspoons to Tablespoons

teaspoons equalsTablespoons

Tablespoons to Cups

Tablespoons equals Cups

Cups to Pints

cups equals pints or quarts

Results are stated in decimal form. A table is provided below for you to use in coverting decimals to fractions. Round the decimal to the closest fraction.
Fraction Decimal
1/8 .125
1/4 .25
3/8 .375
1/2 .5
5/8 .625
3/4 .75
7/8 8.75
Nancy Wilkins 
University of Houston Clear Lake 
Spring, 1998